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Muscle Therapy Cork Peanut
Muscle Therapy Cork Peanut
Muscle Therapy Cork Peanut

Muscle Therapy Cork Peanut

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This Bye Knots Cork Peanut is not only cute in design but also versatile. This Peanut-Shaped Self-massage Tool has two spheres that can cradle the spine while relieving tension in the surrounding muscles.

Pop our Premium Cork Massage Balls behind your back when sitting for long stretches, especially when you’re working at your PC or doing a long commute on public transport.

Use this Muscle Therapy Cork Peanut to relieve muscle tension and knots. Roll it up and down sore quads or pecs for injury prevention, rehab, or as part of your warm-up routine before running or exercising. Try using our Muscle Therapy Cork Peanut daily—just 5 or 10 minutes a day on those areas that need it most will be so beneficial for you.

Our Bye Knots Kork Peanut is really dense and can withstand downward pressureperfect for targeting small and large tight muscles. This Premium Cork Massage Ball will comfortably fit in your backpack, making it easy to take it with you anywhere.

Relieve knots with Bye Knots!


  • 100% natural cork
  • Carry bag friendly
  • Firmer for persistent problem areas and knots


  • 15mm x 75mm


  • 140g

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