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Our Story

Let me introduce you to Bye Knots. Bye Knots is an Australian owned brand founded by Royal Australian Navy sailors Jack and Fletcher. 

Jack and Fletcher met whilst posted to HMAS Anzac where they became really good friends. Their similarities and desires pushed them to constantly learn from each other. Together they learnt about property, index funds and crypto-currencies and the final step was business. 

After a few attempts at various projects they finally both agreed that sourcing and supplying Australia with eco-friendly, affordable and durable products would be their next mission. 

Since being in the Navy they both grew a love for health and fitness. Training for longer and harder brought on achy muscles daily. This inspired them to start finding solutions to muscle tenderness through self massage therapy. They knew immediately that a dense and aesthetically pleasing cork range could be used to help all Australian's facing similar problems.

See more on Jack here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-morgan-71b874193/

See more on Fletcher here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/byeknots