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Self Motivation: 4 ways to increase your inner drive.

The ability to complete tasks, smash goals and make your dreams a reality is the basis for a fulfilling and happy life.

Unfortunately, with the never-ending stress and impossible demands placed on society today, it is easy to be overwhelmed and unmotivated, thus robbing you of the happiness and fulfilment you should have.

However, all is not lost and you can alleviate stress and tension that is forced onto you. 


1. The basics are the easiest things to control when trying to increase your inner drive. 

Sleep, Regular exercise, Drinking lots of water and eating healthy


 2. Establish a motive.

Dig deep withinside of yourself and make notes on the things you really want to achieve in life. Having clearly outlined passions and goals will help you motivate yourself to do anything. 

Chris Helder speaks on using 'Useful beliefs' to motivate yourself -

Jeff Gaines at Ted


3. Become your own psychologist.

Any psychologist will tell you if you constantly talk negative of yourself you will feel those words deep withinside your subconscious. Conversely, speaking positive words to yourself will do the opposite and make you feel like a great and sophisticated human. 

Try using daily positive affirmations to correct the negative thinking that you may have developed. 

Kristin Rivas on the life-changing power of words


4. Surround yourself with the people who have characteristics that you would like in yourself. 

“You're the average of the five people spend the most time with,” - Jim Rohn

If you spend time with motivated, self-drivers then you will learn and grow as a person from these people too. 

You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.