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How To Recover & Regenerate with ByeKnots

Recover and regenerate with ByeKnots

The COVID-19 lockdowns are still in place here in Australia, and many people are at home doing the best they can to maintain some form of normality. Although the pandemic has been unsettling and frightening for us all, so much inspirational good has come from it.

As a community, we’ve found innovative ways to reach out to others, to connect with family and friends, and to maintain an exercise regime. This reality gives us all hope that we will get through this and come out the other end stronger and more resilient.

Regular exercise during this time is your friend, your lifeline, your solution. It can help you feel more positive and energised through the day, and sleep deeper and better at night. During this COVID-19 bump in the road (yes, it’s a big bump), here are 19 reasons to keep up your exercise routine:

1. Boosts energy and mood.
2. Lowers stress and anxiety.
3. Reduces sugar cravings.
4. Helps you get a good night’s sleep.
5. Reduces blood pressure.
6. Builds muscle mass.
7. Increases blood flow.
8. Improves wellbeing.
9. Promotes a sense of calm.
10. Increases your level of motivation.
11. Increases your heart rate.
12. Builds aerobic capacity.
13. Keeps bones strong.
14. Maintains normal immune functioning.
15. Improves breathing.
16. Helps your brain health and memory.
17. Increases the production of endorphins (the ‘happiness’ hormones).
18. Improves skin health.
19. Makes you feel great.

Do you need another reason, the best reason?

Do it for YOU!

Take it one step further

Head to our website and grab some of our self-massage products. Make them an important

They’re designed to improve your mobility, flexibility, and overall wellbeing. Did you know that massage therapy can benefit your whole body? Whether you need to relax, reduce muscle tension or relieve physical pain, our products can enhance your overall sense of wellbeing, allowing your muscles to relax and recover from exercise or a day at your PC.

Our roller is so practical. It’s great for using on muscles that are wide and long, the thighs for example. 

The peanut is not only cute in design but also versatile. This peanut-shaped massage tool has two spheres that cradle the spine while relieving tension in the surrounding muscles. Pop it behind your back for long stretches. 

Our best-seller ball can be used anywhere on the body, including the face. Use it to apply trigger point therapy to tender muscles. 

Free resources—just for you

As the world shifts to exercising from home, we’ve provided a range of free ‘get moving’ exercise routines to help you get motivated and keep you on track.

You can download them now.

Last words

Head to this TED talk to listen to neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki on the life-changing effects

Take great care of yourself, and let us know how we can help.

Your ByeKnots team cares!